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Regenerative architecture to "achieve positive impacts on the environment and on human health and comfort".

The Master's Degree in design and management Environmental of Buildings celebrates 10 years of journey reflecting on the challenges of sustainable Building in a roundtable in the campus of Madrid


02 | 11 | 2021

On October 21, students, teachers and professionals had the opportunity to Master's Degree in design and management Environmental Buildingsstudents, professors and professionals had the opportunity to attend to a roundtable organized by the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra that had as degree scroll "How to address the new challenges of sustainable Building ", and that was part of the celebration of the ten years of Master's Degree.

The program director of postgraduate program, Ana Sánchez-Ostiz, welcomed the attendees and took stock of the approach of the sustainable design of the last ten years and emphasized regenerative architecture as a strategy "to achieve positive impacts on the environment and on the health and comfort of the person"

The roundtable, moderated by the architect and critic, Fredy Masad, was composed of Amaya Osácar, president of Sustainable Buildings in Fire Escape Europe; Miguel Angel Diaz, founder of MADC Architects and belonging to the association Architectural Sustainability; and Antonio Cereceda, consultant energy efficiency and sustainability in Valladores Engineering.

In his speech, Osácar raised the importance of balancing three variables: the environment, the social and economic spheres, "accompanied by programs of study and data quantifiable" to respond in an efficient and sustainable manner. For his part, Diaz reflected on "how to add value through this architecture subject " and its possibility of mitigating negative impacts on the environment and recreating sustainable spaces. He also urged students to consider their role as architects and the importance of management in the field of sustainability. Finally, Cereceda challenged the attendees to set the reduction of consumption in the proposals that the students will present in the future.

Access the video with the complete roundtable .