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The Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics + International Nutrition Certificate (INC) is a specific qualification that commits the student to take several subjects in English, to carry out stays abroad and to participate in certain activities.

Compulsory subjects (6 ECTS credit):


Academic Skills First year
International Trends in Pharmaceutical and Nutrition Sciences Second course

Compulsory activities:

- At least one semester of exchange in a foreign University, in 3rd or 4th year, or the completion of the 5 months of Tutored Stays (mandatory internships) abroad.
- Elaboration and defense of work of End of Degree in English.

Optional activities:

- Participation in the International Health Week.

requirements of Admission and permanence:

For apply for the admission is necessary to have a average of 8 in 1st Bach and a B2 level of English.

Only students who pass all subjects in 1st or 2nd call will be able to remain in the program. Otherwise, they will be excluded from the INC. 

Program Director: Ms. Amaya Azqueta Oscoz - CVN

Number of places: 10