Why study the Degree in Pharmacy

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What will you learn?


The students of the Degree in Pharmacy will study all the knowledge related to drugs and medicines, the Basic Sciences, pharmaceutical and biomedical, technological knowledge and pharmaceutical care. In addition, they will handle the necessary skills for the work of laboratory, as well as the study and resolution of practical cases of the day to day of the profession.

The goal of the School is to achieve that the student establishes by himself/herself a critical thinking based on the scientific method, which brings him/her closer to the competences in autonomous learning and work in team through innovative teaching methodologies. Finally, the student will be able to develop the skills and competencies necessary for professional practice and to connect, in the best possible way, with the working world.

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What does School offer you?

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Internships from 1st of degree program in small groups.


research The company has two centers at research: research center in Nutrition (CIN) and the Drug Development Unit (DDU).


internationalization. More than 67 international agreements in which to live an international and different experience to grow professionally and personally.

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Mentoring. project educational of the University, which aims at the training integral of students, providing the student committee and guidance to develop all their potential and make the most of all aspects of university life.


Internship Service and employment
financial aid to connect student with the professional and business world.

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The Degree in Pharmacy offers a very wide range of employment opportunities



spanish pharmacy residency program Resident Intern Pharmacist .

Industry: pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices, agri-food, cosmetics and other related industries.

Laboratories: clinical analysis, food, drugs, industrial chemical products, contaminants, etc.

Public sector: Spanish and European Medicines Agencies, Food Safety Agencies, Environmental Health, CSIC, National Institute of Toxicology, etc.