Strategic plan

The Apostolic Constitution Veritatis gaudium invites the ecclesiastical universities and Schools to a renewal that contributes to the "missionary transformation of a Church going forth" for "a new stage of evangelisation" (cfr. Francis, Const. Ap. Veritatis gaudium, 3).

Reflection on one's own identity, positioning and future projects is, in itself, an opening and a step forward, a review of what we have been doing for fifty years and an aspiration for those to come. The horizon is the new scenarios that are opening up and the challenges and difficulties to which we must respond.

The steps taken so far in the quality cycle and assessment for continuous improvement have been the phases of self-assessment (2016-2017), external assessment by AVEPRO (2017) and the development of a quality improvement plan (2018-2019). The next phase is the implementation of the strategic plan for the period 2018-2022.

A summary of the 'Strategic Plan of the School Ecclesiastical Philosophy 2018-2022', which includes the priority projects for the coming years, can be consulted below (PDF).


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