Scientific meetings

Since 1963 the department of Philosophy of the School of Philosophy and Letters has been organising the annual Philosophical Meetings, an internationalcongress of Philosophy which annually brings together experts from all over the world to debate on the chosen topic . Professors and researchers from the Ecclesiastical School of Philosophy and from the Ecclesiastical of Philosophy and Letters take part in them.


Visiting Researchers Programme

The University of Navarra's School de Eclesiastica de Philosophy offers the possibility of making stays at research to people from other national and international centres.

In order to adapt to the needs of each researcher, three different profiles have been drawn up:

  • researcher Visiting scholar: a lecturer from another institution who stays at School in order to fill in his or her training or to develop a programme of research under the supervision or at partnership of a lecturer from the centre.

  • researcher Visiting Postdoctoral Researcher: doctor with few years of experience (less than 5 years since the reading of his thesis ) and who carries out programs of study or research tasks under the supervision of a professor of the centre, with the intention of fill in his training as researcher.

  • researcher Visiting Student Researcher: student from doctorate who carries out programs of study or research tasks under the supervision of a lecturer from the centre.


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