Seminarians, clerics, members of institutes of consecrated life and members of societies of apostolic life must present written permission to attend the corresponding programs of study , granted by their Ordinary or Superior.

Priests must present a written document certifying that they are in a position to carry out the pastoral work proper to their priestly status during the period of schooling.

Admission to high school program at Philosophy
In order to start the programs of study corresponding to high school program in Philosophy it is necessary to have C 2nd of Logse and to have passed . high school diploma Logse and accredit to have passed the assessment of the high school diploma for University Access (EBAU) or other equivalent programs of study that allow access to the Spanish University, or to have passed the tests established in the case of those over 25, 40 or 45 years of age without sufficient degree program .

Non-Spaniards must accredit that they possess the programs of study required for admission to the civil university in their own country.

Admission to Bachelor's Degrees
To start the licentiate degree in the Ecclesiastical School of Philosophy (postgraduate/Master's Degree) it is necessary to prove that you have the degree scroll of high school program.

However, the apostolic constitution Veritatis Gaudium on universities and ecclesiastical Schools also allows those who have the philosophical biennium or those who possess equivalent philosophical programs of study (art. 68) to access the licentiate degree through an integrative course that provides them with the necessary knowledge. At the end of this course, they must pass an exam to obtain the certificate which gives access to cycle II. For more information on this access route, please contact Admissions Office and attendance (Mr. Rafael Navarrete -

Admissions Office al doctorate
To access the programs of study of doctorate it is necessary to accredit that you are in possession of the degree scroll of graduate in Philosophy (postgraduate/Master's Degree) by an ecclesiastical School .

Application for admission

Admission to the School must be requested using the forms provided for this purpose at the Secretariat of the School or by downloading them in the format PDF format from this website. The forms, duly completed (including a photograph), must be sent together with the detailed academic certification of the following studies:

Candidates for high school program at Philosophy (3 courses, 180 ECTS credit):
Copy of the card that accredits to have passed the assessment of the high school diploma for University Access (EBAU) or another degree scroll that allows access to the University, or to have C the test for over 25, 40 or 45 years old without degree program sufficient. In the case of foreigners, certificate of the programs of study taken in which, in addition, it is accredited that these programs of study enable access to the University of their own country. .

Candidates for a specialised licentiate degree /postgraduate program (2 courses, 120 ECTS credit credit):
The certificates required for students of high school program at Philosophy, the certificate of programs of study which expressly states the grade obtained in each of the subjects that make up the first cycle and the degree scroll of high school program at Philosophy.

Candidates for the doctorate:
The certificate of programs of study of the licentiate degree -extended by subjects- and the degree scroll of graduate in Philosophy.

The candidate at doctorate will certify your ability to translate texts in the modern languages required for the work of doctorate.

Admission is granted on the basis of academic record, the results of possible entrance exams and data complementary to establish a fair order of priority among applicants.

Recognition of previous studies

Students admitted to the School from other Centres, who have taken programs of study that correspond, in whole or in part, to curriculum of programs of study of the School, may validate the programs of study taken in agreement with the general canonical rules and the Statutes of the School. They will have to apply for the validation to the President of the University in the forms that are facilitated in the administrative office of the School, attaching to this application the certificate of programs of study with its grade and the program of the studied subjects that they wish to validate qualification.


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