1. enrollment

The enrollment will only be formalised once in each academic year and course and once it has been formalised it is irrevocable. However, a period of fifteen days from the date of formalisation is granted to those students who believe they have the right to make a complaint or change their enrolment. The Withdrawal to the enrollment does not entail the refund of the registration fees or to repeat it with a different character or content.

Admission lapses if enrollment is not formalised in the academic year for which it was granted. After joining the School, the condition of student is lost if one academic year passes without renewing the enrollment.

The enrollment will be formalised for complete academic years. Students who enter the next year of the degree course will enrol in the new year and, where appropriate, in the subjects pending approval of the previous years.

Students who cannot access the following year of the degree course will enrol in all the subjects that are missing for the total approval of the preceding courses.

  • Deadlines
    The ordinary self-enrolment period for advanced courses is the last two weeks of June. New students can register at enrollment from 1 June and before 10 July. The process is carried out at student on the miUNAV website.

2. knowledge of the Spanish language

To attend the programs of study in one of the ecclesiastical Schools a sufficient knowledge of language Spanish is required, equivalent to the Diploma DELE B1 (Diploma de Español como language Extranjera) of the high school Cervantes.

In order to be able to pass it, students without previous knowledge of Spanish (or Spanish) must participate in the Intensive Course of language, of 180 teaching hours, organized by the Service of Admissions Office and attendance, which begins on July 1 and ends on August 30.

In order to take the ordinary exams at School where they are enrolled, it is essential to have passed the knowledge exam corresponding to level B1, which is conducted by the Service of Admissions Office and attendance at the end of the course, on August 31.


3. Rights of registration (course 2023/24)

The fees specified here correspond only to the costs of subject academic fees; they do not include the costs of accommodation, books, etc. The figures are in euros.


  • Cycle I (high school program/Degree): 59,91€ / ECTS credit (3.594,60€ each course)

  • Cycle II (licentiate degree/Master): 79,17€ / ECTS credit (4.750,20€ each course).

  • Cycle III (doctorate): 2.070€ the first course and 1.630€ the following courses (price corresponding to the 2022-23 course, pending of update in summer).

* The administration fees are 95€.


  • Examination of Degree from high school program: 329,51€.

  • Reading of the thesis of doctorate: 760€ (price corresponding to the academic year 2022-23, pending update in summer).

Issuance of diplomas

  • The fee for the issuing of the degree scroll of high school program, graduate or Doctor is 220€. The fee for large family is €210.

4. Methods of payment

The enrollment can be paid in cash, by cheque made payable to the UNIVERSITY OF NAVARRA, bank transfer or card credit card.

  • Bank Transfer: If the enrollment is formalised by bank transfer, the corresponding amount can be paid into a current account held by the University of Navarra:

    • La Caixa / CaixaBank
      EN 80 2100.2173.86.0200492749

    • Banco Santander
      ES 40 0049.1821.09.2210657574

    • Caja Rural de Navarra
      EN 10 3008.0001.15.2583731928

Do not forget to attach a copy of your income at portal miUNAV.

  • When formalising enrollment , proof of the transfer previously made must be presented.
  • The University of Navarra can also collect the full amount of your enrollment if you provide your bank details at Office of the Registrar . 


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