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Discover how to be a better volunteer with this course that will teach you how to do your social work more effectively and consciously. We will be visited by 5 social entities from Pamplona that will present the needs of the Navarrese society and how you can collaborate. You will also receive training and tools for your volunteer activities to have a real impact. Sign up and be part of the change!


Monday 16 | "Let's change loneliness for SOLIDARITY".

Cristina Jiménez, Director, Profesionales Solidarios

Tuesday 17 | "The look of the volunteer".

Virginia Díaz Romero, social worker of the Childhood and Family program at the Echavacoiz Family Unit.

Wednesday 18 | "University students as an engine of social change in values".

Adela García Ustárroz, manager de Ciudadanía Activa en Aspace Navarra

Thursday 19 | "The reality of the people I live with".

María Ansó Palacios, educator at project IKASKIDE

Friday 20 | "Banco de Alimentos de Navarra: we need your financial aid"

 Julio Nubla and Sandra Alfaro, volunteers of the Food Bank of Navarra.

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