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One of the CEJE's initial tasks was to prepare a bibliography on Opus Dei -a bibliographical state of the question. This task fell to Federico Requena, secretary of the Center in 1995. 

The bibliographic collection involved drawing up a "thesaurus" (or set of keywords) of the publications, and assignment criteria according to their typology. Over time, this database accumulated a wide range of bibliographic information on Opus Dei, its founder, members, apostolic initiatives, etc.

At the beginning, it was not accessible to the public, nor had the Centre given any thought to whether it was appropriate to give it an open profile . Interested parties who knew about the Centre and its tools financial aid at research went to the documentalist, or to other members of the CEJE, to ask for information that would enable them to produce work of various kinds, always on Opus Dei.

In April 2006, the management committee, sent to the Office of the Executive Council of the University of Navarra a proposal for a project Library Services Virtual CEJE-ISJE. The letter spoke of the existence of a collection of "more than 2,000 articles, published in more than 250 scientific journals, and more than 1,000 chapters of collective works", apart from the publications of Josemaría Escrivá in different languages. The aim was to "facilitate access to this bibliographical material" (articles and book chapters, not Escrivá's works) by means of a Virtual Library Services .

As of today, the Library Services Virtual offers the possibility of searching, exporting results and accessing the texts available among the 14,826 current records and 7,942 PDF documents available.

These graphs show the evolution of issue of downloadable records and pdfs on the virtual Library Services from 2012 to 2023, as well as the types of documents available.

Library Services Virtual CEJE Evolution issue of records and PDFS (Version 3.2 - April 2023)

Library Services Virtual CEJE. subject for publication (Version 3.2 - April 2023)


Dynamic graph of the evolution of the types of documents included in Library Services Virtual