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Since its creation, the Centre for University Governance and Reputation has developed numerous training activities and has promoted research projects with the aim of generating academic and professional reflection on the governance and reputation of higher education institutions.

txt Dirección Estratégica de Universidades

Strategic reputation of universities

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goal Training programme aimed at rectors, vice-rectors and team members of Office of the Executive Council, with the aim of improving the knowledge governance of higher education institutions.

With an academic and practical orientation, and with an interdisciplinary approach , specialists from different countries share knowledge and experiences useful to face the current and future challenges of universities.

goal: training in governance and strategic management
Target group: university governance teams
Annual frequency

Reputación de Universidades

Reputation of universities

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In April 2015, the University of Navarra launched the Building Universities' Reputation (BUR) international conferences where academics and professionals reflect on university reputation strategies.

The Building Universities' Reputation is an international forum on university reputation, which the University of Navarra organises every two years with the collaboration of the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities(CRUE), Universia, the British Council, the International Rankings Observatory(IREG) and university associations such as CASE and the World 100 Reputation Network.

Between April 2015 and October 2019, five congresses of this nature have been held. The first three (2015, 2017 and 2018) were held at the University of Navarra. In 2019, two congresses were held in Russia (May 2019) and Peru (October 2019), co-organised by the Higher School of Economics of St. Petersburg and the University of Piura, respectively.

goal: discussion interdisciplinary on the contribution of reputation to organisational governance
Target audience: academics and practitioners
Biennial frequency

Reputación de Museos

Building Museum Reputation

Museum Reputation

Under the umbrella of BUR, in September 2019, the first international museum congress Building Museum Reputation Conference was held at the Museo Universidad de Navarra, with the participation of some of the most important museums in the world.

goal: discussion interdisciplinary on the contribution of reputation to organisational governance
Target audience: academics and practitioners
Biennial frequency

Jornadas Educom


conference Educom

goal With the aim of extending the cultivation of reputation to the greatest number of institutions, the University of Navarra started in 2016 Educom conference on Communication and Reputation of educational entities. Educom conference was also held in Peru in 2017 and 2018.

goal: improving communication in educational institutions
Target group: professionals from educational establishments
Biennial periodicity

Programa Académico para Directivos de Comunicación de Iberoamérica (PRADI)

Academic Programme for Ibero-American Communication Executives (PRADI)

October 2018 saw the launch of the first Academic Programme for Ibero-American Communication Executives (PRADI) organised by the School of Communication of the University of Navarra, Corporate Excellence - Centre for Reputation Leadership and Fundacom.

The programme includes focused training courses for communication managers on reputation and intangible management issues. From October 2018 to date, conference PRADI has been held in Argentina, Mexico and Uruguay.

Máster en Reputación Corporativa

Master in Corporate Reputation

Master in Corporate Reputation

The University Governance and Reputation Centre also collaborates with the training programme of the Executive Master in Corporate Reputation of the University of Navarra.

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