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El Instituto: origen, desarrollo y fines

The high school: origin, development and aims

The high school Superior of Religious Sciences of the University of Navarre is under the sponsorship of the School of Theology and was erected by the Holy See by decree of the Congregation for Catholic Education dated 21 November 1997 and renewed its erection -according to the new rules and regulations of the Congregation- by Decree dated July 2011. It grants the degrees of Bachelor (3 years, 180 ECTS credit) and graduate (2 years, 120 ECTS credit).

The programs of study of Religious Sciences aims, by its very nature, to offer students a systematic vision of the mystery of salvation together with the specific knowledge of philosophical, pedagogical, didactic and catechetical subjects.

Quality Assurance System

The function of the Commission of assessment of the Quality and accreditation of the Schools Ecclesiastical of the University of Navarra is to analyse, advise and monitor the systems of quality and academic improvement of the Schools Ecclesiastical of the University of Navarra and of the Higher Institutes of Religious Sciences linked to School.

The Commission exercises, inter alia, the following functions:

  • To provide the necessary support to the Ecclesiastical Schools to carry out the processes of Academic assessment , as well as the monitoring of the academic improvement plans, in close relationship with the Boards of Directors of the Ecclesiastical Schools ;

  • Maintain a stable relationship with the Commission of assessmentand accreditationof the University of Navarra (CECA), with the Holy See Agency for the assessmentand the Promotion of the Quality of Universities and Ecclesiastical Schools(AVEPRO) and with other national and international agencies for Academic Quality.

Nuestros objetivos

Our objectives

  • training lay theology: through the deepening of the religious problem, it promotes the knowledge of Christian revelation.

  • training and degree program of Religion teachers through various educational levels.

  • update continuous education for professionals of the teaching school Religion.

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Schools Ecclesiastical Building

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