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Internships and Employment

Internships and employment for students

At ISSA School of Applied Management we accompany our students in the development of their professional degree program . We help them to enter the world of work and achieve their goals through personalised advice, partnerships with companies, employment fairs, training activities and internship offers and work.

During the Degree in management - Bachelor in Applied Management, students can do curricular internships and extracurricular internships. For this, they have at their disposal both the Career Services team of School and Career Services.

In either case, students can apply for internships offered by ISSA School of Applied Management through ADI and those published on Portal of employment of Career Services. In addition, students who so wish may also look for companies on their own; in this case, the Career Services team must accredit the suitability and appropriateness of the internship.


During the second semester of the fourth year, the last year of the degree program, students can choose between two options: to do an academic exchange or to do a curricular internship in companies, both national and international. 

Students who choose to do an internship join a business for a period of three to five months, always between January and May.


Are you a business or an organization? Publish your internship opportunities!

Throughout the entire degree program, and preferably during the summer so as not to interfere with the students' academic training , students can carry out extracurricular internships for one, two or three months.


Are you a business or an organization? Publish your internship opportunities!

Nested applications

Nested applications


PIE Grants
(Programme of Initiation to the business)


At the end of the degree program, the University of Navarra offers its students the possibility of taking a scholarship PIE (Programa de Iniciación a la business). This course at postgraduate program is designed to help students take the first step in their professional career. 

The goal is to facilitate the incorporation of young graduates of the University of Navarra into the world of the business and professional practice through training in professional skills and abilities at framework in internships lasting a maximum of 12 months.



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