Facultad_Plan estrategico

Strategic plan

The "Strategic Plan of the School of Canon Law of the University of Navarra (2023-2027)" involves a reflection shared by the board Directive and the academic staff of the academic center. With the experience of the previous Plan (2018-2022) and based on a diagnosis of the center and the environment, common objectives have been set for the next five years, especially in the field of teaching, research, sustainability and projection.

This task is part of the quality cycle and assessment for continuous improvement, in which the phases of self-assessment (2016-2017), external assessment by a commission appointed by AVEPRO (2017) and development of a quality improvement plan (2018-2019), as well as the aforementioned Strategic Plan 2018-2022 have already been adequately covered.

An excerpt from the 2023-2027 Plan, which includes priority projects for the coming years, is available below.