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ISSA School of Applied Management offers alumni a job listings for life. This service, free of charge for both graduates and companies, is a point of meeting between professionals in search of employment and organisations interested in incorporating a profile specialised in management Applied. 

Through a computerized management system and the ISSA School of Applied Management Careers team, alumni receives information and advice, as well as details of the various selection processes open at any given time. Below are some of the vacancies for which alumni can apply:

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Offers of employment

There are currently no offers from employment .
reference letter Date Province Sector Title Active  
2023/114 04|04|2023 Navarre Metallic constructions Foreign trade Yes
2023/101 19|01|2023 Navarre Energy Management Assistant Yes
2023/102 01|03|2023 Navarre Industrial Commercial and Marketing Back Office Technician Yes
2023/103 01|03|2023 Madrid Marketing Analyst Yes
2023/104 15|02|2023 Navarre Industrial Foreign Trade Yes
2023/105 15|02|2023 Guipúzcoa Industrial Foreign Trade Yes
2023/106 10|02|2023 Guipúzcoa publishing house department Tax and accounting Yes
2023/107 07|02|2023 Madrid Consultancy coordinator of projects Yes
2023/108 23|02|2023 Madrid Financial Accounting Yes
2023/109 24|01|2023 Navarre High consumption Foreign trade No
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Frequently Asked Questions

Graduates who are interested in registering for the job listings service should complete this simple form and send their updated CV by e-mail to

form from registration to the job listings

ISSA School of Applied Management acts merely as an intermediary between graduates and companies. 

The Careers team will provide each business applicant with the curricula vitae of the candidates registered on job listings who meet the requirements of the requirements offer employment to be published by each organisation on this website form application . 

From then on, selection process is managed exclusively by business. In no case will ISSA School of Applied Management select the final candidates.

Graduates who are not registered at job listings and who are interested in any of work space of those published on the website should send their updated CV to indicating the issue of reference letter of the offer.

Companies wishing to post an offer for employment on the ISSA School of Applied Management's job listings should fill in this:

form to post an offer on employment.

In addition, companies can also receive students from Degree in management for curricular or extracurricular internships:

form to take on a trainee student.

The history of employment offers received and published on job listings can be accessed at link. 

We are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have through the Career Manager and manager at job listings of the School:

Javier Irigaray
Phone: (+34) 948 425 600
Extension: 803119