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Information for Companies


The Degree in management - Bachelor in Applied Management trains specialists in planning and management of processes, resources and teams, with fluency in at least three languages and communication skills to work in international contexts. Students are trained to develop their activity in different areas of business, assuming functions such as project and process coordination, resource planning, logistics and supply chain, Human Resources, digitalization (CRM, ERP, etc.), quality management systems, management accounting and financial, management budgeting, management suppliers, partnership executive, management commercial, international trade, communication and marketing or events and protocol, among others.

At ISSA School of Applied Management we have an extensive network of partners, companies and organisations that collaborate by hosting internships for our students or by publishing offers on employment addressed to our alumni.

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Aplicaciones anidadas




During the Degree university, and as part of their training, students carry out supervised work placements. There are two types: curricular placements and extracurricular placements.


The curricular practices are developed during the second semester of the course, between the months of January and May (extendable to June). All students are in their last year of Degree in management Applied. 

These placements are managed between August and October.

Incorporates a student in Curricular Practices (form).

The extracurricular placements take place during the summer months, between June and August inclusive. Students can be second, third or fourth year students.  

These placements are managed between February and April. 

Incorporates a student in Extracurricular Internships (form).


The project-based learning system designed for Study program allows students to understand how business works from the very first day of classes. During the university Degree , and as part of their training, students carry out different supervised work placements in companies.


At ISSA School of Applied Management we train experts in management and business organisation with a command of three languages, communication skills, prepared to work in intercultural and multidisciplinary environments, and with a deep spirit of service.

Hard Skills

- Lean Management

• Marketing

- Supply Chain Management

- Quality Management

- Foreign Trade

- Accounting & Finance

- Law

- Business Communication

- CRM, ERP, Power BI, MS Office

- Trello, Google tools, Web, Social average

Soft Skills

- Interpersonal Relations

- Commitment

- Leadership

- Problem Solving

- Team Players

- Planning and Executing

- Time Management

- Customer & Business Centric

- Empathy

- Flexibility & Willing to Learn

The internship is a training period (3 to 5 months) that takes the form of a supervised stay of the student in a business or organisation. The goal is that the student acquires experience internship, learns about the role of the staff support within multidisciplinary teams in organisations and puts the skills acquired throughout the Degree course on internship . As this is a supervised internship, students will be supported by one tutor from the organisation and one from ISSA.

Royal Decree 1707/2011 of 18 November 2011 regulates external academic placements for university students.

This RD establishes that there must be a training project "...the training project in which the implementation of each external academic internship is specified must establish the educational objectives and the activities to be carried out. The objectives shall be established considering the basic, generic and/or specific competences to be acquired by the student. Likewise, the contents of the internship shall be defined in such a way as to ensure the direct relationship of the competences to be acquired with the programs of study studied...".

To make it as easy as possible to define it, the business will have a form provided by ISSA in which it will mark the educational objectives that it considers that the student can develop during the internship and the corresponding activities to be carried out.

- Curricular Internship: January - May (5 months).

- Extraordinary Period of Curricular Internships: September - December (4 months).

- Extracurricular Internship: June - August (3 months).

The internship process has two phases: dissemination and placement phase (September-October) and supervised internship and assessment phase (January-May).  

Dissemination and award phase (September-November)

From 1 September, companies or organisations wishing to have a 4th year student on work experience must fill in the form of application for Student on Work Experience, in which the offer or proposal of value is defined. The deadline for the reception of internship offers ends on 15 October.

- apply for trainee student

Once received at form, ISSA will disseminate the offer among fourth-year students so that interested students can apply for the position. Subsequently, School will send the CVs of students interested in applying for the position to business . 

The business will directly carry out the selection process, unless it decides to delegate it to ISSA. If a candidate is selected, it will proceed to the signature of the agreement of Educational Cooperation that covers the student's placement. This agreement reflects, among other aspects, that the relationship with the student is of a non-employment nature. 

Phase of supervised internship and assessment (January-May)

From 1 January, depending on the date set by business, students can join the collaborating entities. During the internship period, the student will have a tutor at business and a tutor at ISSA. 

Monitoring by the ISSA's tutor will be carried out via the internship platform, with the possibility of face-to-face meetings if deemed appropriate. The student, guided by ISSA's tutor , must complete an internship report which must be submit on the date set by School and which will be communicated in due course. In it, the student will have to demonstrate the implementation internship of a series of competences by presenting the corresponding evidence. 

For its part, the tutor of the business will have to evaluate the student's performance and attitude in the middle and at the end of the training period. For this purpose, ISSA will send a questionnaire to evaluation.

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Job offers


Oncestudents have completed the degree program, they can enter the labour market either directly through an offer from employment or through an introductory internship agreement (scholarship PIE).


This scholarship is aimed at recent graduates and offers supervised internships in companies. The minimum duration is three months and the maximum duration is one year.

This subject of practices can be found at apply for through this form.

See instructions and Conditions.

The business interested in making an offer of work fills in a form defining the profile of candidate they are looking for. The employment opportunities team makes a first selection of the most suitable candidates from among those who have shared their CV and sends them to business to proceed with selection process. This service is free of charge.

Post an offer for employment on our job listings (form).

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