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It investigates the expressions of Digital Communication and specifically those related to journalism and digital platforms. It does so from different points of view that cover both business and editorial strategies.

Together with researchers specializing in all these disciplines, the results are published in different types of publications, ranging from the strictly academic sphere to reports on subject professional. The most recognized of all: the Digital News Report, produced in coordination with the University of Oxford.

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Aplicaciones anidadas




This group of research is based on two fundamental themes related to the Public Communication, and in that sense, to the social sciences and to the Humanities. On the one hand, mythification through fictional discourses, and on the other hand, the modeling of culture or the exemplarity of the protagonists/characters that appear in the story.

Through discourses, not only mentalities are configured, but also the way people act. Habits change thanks to that particular concretion of ideals that are manifested in the characters that appear in the stories. We work from the point of view of analysis, and how are the models that appear in the fictions and what relation they have with the society in which they are located; and on the other hand, the poetic and rhetorical ways of creating both myths and heroes are theorized and founded.

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Aplicaciones anidadas



The communication of science to society as a whole is investigated, especially the representation made by the media. Among the topics addressed, environmental issues stand out, especially the communication of climate change.

It is an interdisciplinary group formed by researchers from the areas of natural and social sciences. It also counts with the partnership of researchers from other Spanish and foreign universities.

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group interdisciplinary research on communicative innovation in institutions. Since it was founded in 2015, its line of research has focused on analyzing the role of strategic communication in facilitating open and social innovation processes in companies. 

The latest project, funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation (ref. no. CSO2015-63972-R, 2016-2019), focused on open innovation of firms and relational management with stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem.

The group has published more than 12 scientific contributions in international journals and books. It also participates in the transfer of knowledge at partnership with the business fabric. In 2019 it published an informative report graduate "The business in the innovative ecosystem".

Currently (since 2022) the group is working on a new project focused on the analysis of the communicative management in corporate social innovation projects; a pioneering project in Spain, since there is no empirical evidence that offers data on how companies manage it.

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Aplicaciones anidadas



group interdisciplinary of the School of Communication in partnership with the School of Economic and Business Sciences. It studies the most relevant changes in the communication market and companies. It analyzes how the habits of citizens evolve in terms of the consumption of information and entertainment content. It investigates how these trends influence companies and the industry. It is particularly interested in the following issues: business models that favor the production and distribution of quality content; measurement and promotion of user engagement; effective systems to favor the "architecture of listening" in the communication market; management of "multiplatform" brands.

The group is characterized by three features: it is international in its intellectual interests and in the configuration of the research teams; it is oriented to produce results that are useful to regulators and company managers; and it works in an interdisciplinary way, with quantitative and qualitative methods.

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