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Methodological Support Unit

The Methodological Support Unit of the School of speech brings together a group of researchers, physical spaces and material resources to provide methodological and technical support to researchers and groups of research in the field of speech at the University of Navarra.

The main objective ofgoal is to develop activities that serve to improve the research work on School at speech.

The people in charge and collaborators of this unit are professors specialised in the methodologies of research and/or statistics.

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The services provided by the unit are as follows:

Aplicaciones anidadas



The managers and collaborators of this unit offer advice in the various stages of a study, from the choice of the most suitable study subject for the hypotheses and objectives set out to the analysis and interpretation of the information. This can be financial aid directly, or by referring valuable documentation or other experts.



Those responsible for this unit coordinate a seminar focused on explaining the most common methodologies in the field of Communication. The aim is to show those most commonly used in articles published in reference letter journals in this field to facilitate their application in our School.

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