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Alfredo Rodríguez Sedano, Professor of Sociology, Education, University of Navarra, Spain

The educational center, an investment for the future

Tue, 09 Feb 2010 08:57:21 +0000 Published in Navarra Newspaper

For more than 6,000 families in Navarre this week is crucial: the time has come to decide in which center educational they are going to enroll their children so that next September they can start Education Infant and Primary School. And, certainly, placed in the status of who must make that decision is not a priori not easy at all.

Any family knows that if it wants to reap good fruits, it must first sow well. In such an apparently simple question we are playing a great part of the future of what our children will be and what the society of tomorrow will be. The parents' responsibility cannot be substituted by a will outside the family sphere, although in fact having to choose between three options with the possibility that none of them will be the one that is finally obtained place is already a way of interfering in the family's will. There is no doubt that parents, together with this choice, find another difficulty that they have to solve: which subject of Education I really want for my children. Educating them for the world in which we live is not the same as educating them for the world in which we would like them to live, and for this we must give them the means, since they will be the protagonists of the social changes in which they live.

In this sense, it is very wise to keep in mind the well-known Chinese proverb: "If you want to take away a person's hunger, instead of feeding him, teach him to fish". And doing this from the beginning is a very wise committee . In this sense, there is a subject of Education that basically affects the adaptation to the social context in which one lives. And it is not bad. But it is clearly insufficient. Children adapt, but they are not given the means to be protagonists of the changes, "they are deprived of hunger, but they are not taught to fish".Perhaps together with this teaching comes the second part of the Chinese proverb: to cultivate the necessary virtues -together with the acquisition of knowledge- to transform the environment in which they are going to develop. In my opinion, this is one of the keys for parents to bet on their children. It is not enough to aspire to make them good citizens, it is a lot, but it is not enough. The core topic is that they should be people of integrity, because then they will become good citizens. This criterion can solve the subject of Education that you want for your children. Who does not want the best for them from an early age? It would be a bit mean not to want the best for them, and is there any other way than virtue?

And that does not depend on the invoice of the centers, nor on the rankings, etc. On the other hand, having a clear idea about the project educational , a good team of teachers and personalized attention are requirements of any center that wishes to satisfy the desire of a good project for their children. Parents must make sure that the educational center they want for their children aspires to excellence, regardless of its ownership, and is very clear about its project school. Only a personalized Education allows the finding, development and consolidation of the own identity in so early ages, core topic for the development of the personality in ages where the evolution is the constant. This personalized Education does not depend only on the issue of students per classroom. It is a matter of the teacher, when teaching class, knowing how to individualize the people in front of him.

The best committee for parents is, therefore, to have first-hand information about the center where they want to take their children, with interviews to their managers and team professor to intuit if they meet the requirements mentioned. That the high school provides easy access is a good start.