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In recent times, the management of reputation and intangible assets has become a topic core topic for the value creation and strategic direction of museums.

For this reason, the University of Navarra, the Museo Nacional del Prado and the Corporate Excellence Center for Reputation Leadership have organised a congress dedicated to reflecting on the external and internal factors that influence the reputation of museums.

For the first time, from an academic and professional perspective, a congress will bring together academic and professional experts to share knowledge and experiences on one of the most current and relevant issues in organisational strategy.



The congress is aimed at general directors, managers and directors of speech of museums, as well as companies and institutions interested in sponsorship of museums and their reputational return.



1.- To reflect on the importance of reputation and the management of intangible assets in the corporate governance of museums in order to make them different, relevant institutions with a social and cultural impact.

2.- To discover the keys to reputation based on the quality of projects and the quality perceived by their stakeholders, which increase the legitimacy of museums.

3.- Establish relationships with colleagues in the sector to share alliances and promote networking.

4.- Learn from good practices to improve the museum project and the relationship with strategic stakeholders.



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