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Pilar Alarcón

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Pilar Alarcón
PhD and Professor at department of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Malaga.

Ms. Pilar Alarcón Urbistondo, PhD and professor at department of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Malaga frames her experience professor, research and professional experience in developing proposals for innovative tools for obtaining and analyzing environmental information necessary for decision making. Specifically his lines of work are: consumer decisions, determination and assessment of markets goal and brand perception. This activity is being developed in the tourism, museum and recently hospital sectors. As a result of this research activity, numerous articles have been published in prestigious international journals.

She has been director and/or professor of numerous national and international Masters in Spain (Malaga, Gran Canarias, Vigo, Santander), Argentina and Italy and professor in courses at doctorate in Spain (Malaga), Mexico and Venezuela. Her contacts with the business sector in a more direct way have been through works of consultancy service and/or through contracts of research. She has participated in several general plans for regional tourism, marketing plans for tourist destinations, support for the reorganization of retail trade in open shopping centers, development of scorecards and indicators for monitoring the evolution of tourist destinations and/or specific sectors or the implementation of tourism observatories and research center applied in the Costa del Sol. 

Other data of interest for the teaching she will be teaching in the training Program "sponsorship Cultural": she is currently focusing her research on the reputation of museums in the off and online environment, and is finalizing, together with Professor Cees Van Riel of the Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University) and professors of the University of Malaga, a study of management perception on the relations of sponsorship of museums.


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