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Wendy Gallagher
director of the Museum of Manchester's Civic Engagement department and Education

Wendy Gallagher was appointed Director of Civic Engagement department and Education at the Museum of Manchester in April 2018. Her new position is core topic to drive a major £13 000 000 project of development called "Hello Future". This socially driven transformation aims to make the museum the most imaginative, inclusive and engaged museum in the UK.

Gallagher is also Strategic Director of department Health and Culture at association of Manchester Museums (Museum of Manchester, Whitworth Gallery and Manchester Art Gallery) and was recognized for her outstanding and innovative contributions to research and internship on art and health by the Royal Society for Public Health in 2012. Her career has been marked by her ongoing commitment to collaborative internship , creating a culture of cooperation between the public and private sectors with the goal of making museums more meaningful and relevant to the communities around them.

Gallagher leads major international associations in Australia, Taiwan, Finland, the United States and India, and is a frequent speaker at conferences both in the UK and abroad. He is also a member of the committee of the Alliance for Culture, Health and Wellbeing and the committee of Shared Cultural Heritage with the committee British.


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