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Maria Bolaños
Director of the National Sculpture Museum

She holds a degree in Philology and a PhD in History of Art. Professor at the University of Valladolid since 1975, she has been a lecturer at the Schools of Education, Philosophy and School of Architecture. She has also taught teaching in the Masters in Museology at the Universities of Valladolid, Valencia, Granada, Alicante, Toledo and La Laguna.


In addition to numerous articles and presentations at Spanish and foreign conferences, she is the sole author of the following books:

Passages of melancholy. Art and black bile at the beginning of the 20th century. Valladolid, 1996.

History of museums in Spain. report Culture, culture, society. Gijón, 1997 and 2008.

The silence of the sculptor. Baltasar Lobo (1910-1993). Valladolid, 2000.

The report of the world. One hundred years of museology. 1900-2000 (ed.), Gijón, 2002,

Interpretar el arte, Madrid, 2007.


Since 2009 she has been Director of the National Sculpture Museum, where she has been responsible for the new museological installation of the permanent collection, following the architectural refurbishment of its headquarters, the high school de San Gregorio; in 2011, she also directed the installation of the national collection of artistic reproductions in another of the Museum's headquarters, the Casa del Sol.

For the latter project, the museum was awarded the award AR&PA 2012 for intervention in the Cultural Heritage of Castilla y León "for its innovative character; for the enormous pedagogical nature of the exhibition programme, as well as the recovery of a cultural block of excellence in the city".

It has also recently been awarded the award Castilla y León de las Artes 2018, "for its decisive contribution to the custody and dissemination of sculptural heritage, as well as for its dynamic, lively character, which is manifested in its complete and magnificent programme".


During these years, he has curated the following exhibitions at the museum (and coordinated the corresponding catalogues):

Figures of Exclusion, 2011

Dialogues of the Sacred, 2013

This brings me here. Ricardo de Orueta, on the art front, 2014

Melancholy. Creation and Disenchantment in Golden Age Spain, 2015

Baltasar Lobo. A modern among the ancients, 2017

The Invention of the Body, 2018

The devil, perhaps. The world of the Brueghels, 2018

storeroom. The Place of the Invisible, 2019.


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