Miguel Falomir
Director of the Museo Nacional del Prado

Miguel Falomir Faus (Valencia, 1966) has been the director of the Museo del Prado since March 17, 2017. Until that date and since April 2015, he was director attachment of Conservation and research of the Museum.

D. in Art History and Senior Associate Professor from the University of Valencia, from 1997 until his appointment to his current position position he was head of department Conservation at the Prado Museum.

During that time he led a very important advance in the programs of study on the collections of Italian Renaissance painting of the Prado, whose progress was reported through major restorations and the organization of a large issue of temporary exhibitions such as: Titian, Tintoretto, The Renaissance Portrait, The Last Raphael or The Furies.

International recognition in his field of specialization came with his appointment, from 2008 to 2010, as Andrew Mellon Professor at CASVA (Center on Advanced Studies in the Visual Arts at the National Gallery of Washington).


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