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Legacies for the future

Legacies for the future

Alhambra. Patio and source de los Leones. 1880. ©Adolphe Braun.


One of the characteristics of today's world is the orientation towards the future. The idea of progress, innovation, novelty... In the age of the internet and the immediate present, we can make the mistake of forgetting the past.

By ignoring the past, all the richness of a culture, manners and traditions are discarded. Moreover, the references that allow for the unity of a community are lost or misrepresented.

A look at history will help us to understand the foundations on which we are built. In other words, it will allow us to understand ourselves as individuals and as societies in order to move towards a common goal. At a time when public opinion seems to be increasingly polarised, it is necessary to return to what has united us, to the shared culture, in order to recover the idea of community and promote coexistence.

This is the only way to achieve progress and innovation for the benefit of all, on the basis of knowledge, the cultural and philosophical legacy that has shaped today's society and provides direction for the future.



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