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Our team

We are an interdisciplinary research unit seeking a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by today’s youth during the transition from adolescence to adulthood. In the study of youth, we take the following approach: youth as a sequence of transitions; youth, technology and work; and friendship and other personal relationships.




Javier García Manglano

Co-Principal Investigator

Depacho 1140, 1st floor
+34 948 425600

Ext: 802083

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Charo Sádaba

Co-Principal Investigator

Office 1130, 1st floor
+34 948 425600

Ext: 802292

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Pedro de la Rosa

Research fellow

Table 1st plant

+34 948 425600

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Cecilia Serrano

Postdoctoral researcher

1st plant

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Aurelio Fernández

PhD Student

1st plant

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Erin Wingerter

Research technician

1st plant


Alessia Pessina

Group manager

+34 948 425600

Ext: 803430