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This research group aims to reach a deeper understanding of the place of religious faith and religious institutions in the life of modern societies, using a number of complementary methodological and disciplinary approaches, in particular philosophy, history, and sociology. We think that analyzing in detail how religion has retained its cultural and political significance and how religious formats have continued to affect the political realm in the modern era constitutes one of the key issues in the study of religion nowadays.

We deepen into questions such as whether we can consider contemporary societies secularised, what does it means for a society to be post-secular, the role of religion in culture and norms in a free society, religious tolerance and the relationship between church and social institutions.




Montserrat Herrero

Principal Investigator

+34 948 425600

Ext: 803222

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Jaume Aurell

Co-Principal Investigator

+34 948 425600

Ext: 802776

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Juan Pablo Domínguez

Research fellow

+34 948 425600

Ext: 803423

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Javier Gil

Research fellow

+34 948 425600

Ext: 803222

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David Thunder

Research fellow

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Ext: 803418

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Leyre Ovalle

Group manager

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Ext: 806235