About us

The REDWINN(Ibero-American Innovation and Training Network to Strengthen Women's Impact in Innovation Ecosystems) has the aim of making women's references visible through research, the promotion of innovation, training and dissemination.

REDWIN was created in January 2020 with funding from the Ibero-American Science and Technology Programme for the development (CYTED Programme) to integrate research groups that have in common the visibility, recognition and strengthening of the impact of women in innovation ecosystems. 

Nowadays, six countries participate in project : Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain and Peru. Coordinated by the University of Navarra, the programme involves professors and researchers from Schools of Law, Philosophy and Arts, and Economics and Business Studies.   Other participants are the business Happeninn, the Navarre Association for Innovation, Creativity and Culture (ANICC) and the Fabre Foundation.

The network not only makes women's contributions to the social development visible, but scientific studies have also shown that there is a relationship between the interest that a profession arouses in girls when it is carried out by a woman. This visibility is achieved through research, training, innovation and dissemination.

Thanks to the network, it will be possible to identify contemporary women of reference as well as pioneers, women from the past who can serve as inspiration. This research is then transferred to training. For example, the online course 'Women's Studies' or the cross-disciplinary subject 'Women in History: Feminism, Science and Culture' have already been created at the University.

For its part, innovation will be promoted by encouraging service learning in university subjects, changes in curricula and through the Innovactoras forums and initiatives. In addition, REDWINN submission will award two prizes: the prize for the best work on women's studies and the Innovactoras Awards. All its work will also be disseminated through the media.

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Main researcher

María Cruz Díaz de Terán
Institute for Culture and Society ,  



  • group 1. Spain: María Beunza (coordinator), Happeninn, ANICC, Fundación Fabre, Innovactoras.

  • group 2. Argentina: Melania Ottaviano, Universidad Siglo 21

  • group 3. Bolivia: Milka Costa, Universidad Privada Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

  • group 4. Colombia: Andrés Hernán Mejía, Universidad de La Sabana. 

  • group 5. Ecuador: Andrea Montalvo, Universidad de Los Hemisferios.

  • group 6. Peru: Rosa Sánchez Barragán, Universidad Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo.