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The high school of language and Spanish Culture (ILCE) launches a Youtube channel to disseminate the research and the innovation of its programmes.

It offers specific content for the ELE class ; digital stories; research and innovation projects; and ELE programmes and services. high school

01 | 10 | 2021

The high school de language y Cultura Españolas (ILCE), of the School de Philosophy y Letras, has launched a Youtube channel, with the aim of sharing content on innovation and research at teaching and assessment of languages. It also aims to facilitate queries on high school in a quick and original way.

The channel, which so far has more than 20 videos grouped into four playlists - content for class ELE; digital stories; research and innovation projects; and ILCE programmes and services - is coordinated by professors Oihane Muxika, ILCE lecturer and PhD. from The Ohio State University, and Isabel Torrubia. language Also collaborating in project is Professor Isabel Torrubia, a graduate of Master's Degree in teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language (MELE) at the University of Navarra and Rand Research Fellow at The University of Maryland.

language "From ILCE we detected a lack of quality materials on the Internet to take to classroom, for this reason, we have created a specific channel on content for the class of ELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language), so that it responds to the pedagogical needs of Spanish teachers," explains Torrubia. "At the moment, we have a playlist on pronunciation in Spanish and we will soon be launching one on grammar from a conceptual perspective at class of ELE", adds Muxika.

Another of the channel's lists includes various digital stories, "multimodal stories of international students studying Spanish at the University of Navarra". This is one of ILCE's innovation initiatives and one of the projects that students carry out in their Spanish courses. Launched in 2016, and available on Vimeo, it is the largest archive of digital stories for ELE speakers.

As Muxika points out, at high school de language y Cultura Españolas (ILCE) they consider it essential to communicate their research in an accessible way. To this end, from now on, some videos will be published periodically on the research projects in innovation that they carry out in the class of ELE: "In addition to bringing our projects closer, we will make known our way of understanding the speech of the research in the teaching of second languages; a participatory research in which the teacher-researchers can explain what they discover and understand with each intervention".

language Finally, through its channel, the ILCE wants to publicise its academic programs, from summer programmes and Spanish for specific purposes, to testimonials about the Master's Degree at teaching in Spanish as a Foreign Language (MELE), tips for ELE teachers and information about the ILCE Certification exam.

The channel is available at the following link.




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