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Attention to Students

The University offers different technological resources to students ranging from wifi network connection to portal for professional careers or specialised software in engineering and science.

Aplicaciones anidadas


You can use the eduroam wifi network all over the campus with your university e-mail account. The Eduroam network is international, and allows you to connect to the internet at universities all over the world.
Here you can find more information and instructions on how to connect.

Your university e-mail account is your digital gateway to the University. With a single Username and password you can access all services and applications: computers, wifi, classroom Virtual ADI. It is important that you keep your password secret and do not share it.

In addition, Alumni accounts remain active once you finish your studies, allowing you to continue using your email, search for job offers or access your academic data through myUNAV.

We recommend that you include a recovery mobile phone number at My account so that you can easily reset your password if necessary. Please note that passwords expire periodically every year, so once the date expires, you will need to update your password.

In the classroom virtual ADI you will be able to access the content of the subjects you are studying. In this application, teachers include all the documentation related to their subjects, and interact with students through different functionalities.

Through the portal miUNAVIn addition to processing the Admission process, you can carry out other academic procedures such as providing documentation, apply for certificates or checking the information on your transcript. It also includes an Employment Portal , managed by Career Services, where different companies publish their internship and job offers.

The enquiry of ratings is available in the portal myUNAV 

The University of Navarra, in collaboration with Google, offers a special version of Google applications for the university community. The most used are GMail, Google Calendar and Google Drive. If you want to know more, go to section collaborative tools.
- Access to GMail
- Go to Google Drive
- Go to Google Calendar

The University has a document printing and scanning service, managed by business Ricoh through the Papercut platform.

You can access the User's Guide to learn how to register in the system, or install the printer on your devices.

Through the Portal Papercutyou can, for example, upload your balance, print PDFs or view your consumption, etc...

As student of the University you have the possibility to get for free different programs, and use them during your programs of study. enquiry the following links from a browser with your profile from, to get more information about their installation:
- Microsoft Office
- Matlab
- Creo Parametrics
- Maple


By accessing you will be able to access the virtual desktops available to you.

Although the platform is extremely intuitive, here's a brief overview of the guide system access


How can I receive financial aid?

If you have any problems accessing the University's services and resources, please contact contact with IT Services by emailing

In addition, there are information points distributed along the Campus where you can go to check your devices.

Information points:


Central Building
Mon-Fri: 9:00 - 12:00h


Library Services Science: (ext. 806381)
Mon-Fri: 13:00 - 15:00h

Amigos BuildingWebsite : entrance IT Services
Mon-Fri: 12:00 - 15:00h

Ibaeta Building: Hall PC Rooms
Monday and Thursday 13.30 - 15.00h

At present, IT support for students focuses on the following services:
- E-mail
- Accounts and passwords
- Eduroam Wifi
- Access to classroom virtual ADI
- Software with licence for students: Matlab, Office, Creo Parametric, Maple...

For other issues, please contact administrative office or School in case you need to open a support ticket.