Frequently asked questions

Do you need financial aid? On this page you can find answers to some of the most common questions such as how to connect to the internet, update the password or how to use the classroom equipment.


Accounts and passwords

If you have registered your mobile phone at My account you can easily recover your password:
If this is the first time you are accessing your account, your password has expired, you have been asked to change your password at order , or you have forgotten it, go to the next link to reset it and follow the instructions to create a new password.

If you have not registered your mobile phone at My account and you are student, write to soporteitalumnos@unav.es or go to a information point. If you are PDI or PAS, call 802992.

Log in to the Password under My Account. (You may need to log in).
Enter your current password and the new password you wish to have, taking into account the requirements security details displayed on the screen, and then select the Change password option.
Once you have changed your password, the system will send you an email confirming that your password has been successfully updated.

The longer the password, the more secure it is. It is also advisable to use short phrases. On the screen where the password is changed, the conditions and characteristics that it must have are specified.

All University users must renew their password on a regular basis. You can check the expiry date of your password in the ACCOUNT MANAGER.

In any case, the system sends to Username 3 e-mails from notice with 30, 15 and 5 days left before the expiry date.

This phone will only be used to send you the SMS notification when you recover your password. New services will soon be available at the University with this PIN system sent to your mobile phone.

Same as for a personal account. The change of password is done in the same way for all types of accounts.

The system will block the account and Username will not be able to access it. However, during the 6 months after expiry, the Username will be able to set a new password through https://www.unav.edu/web/it/restablecer-contrasena and access the account normally.
Once the 6 months have elapsed, the account is permanently blocked and can only be restored by contacting IT Services.

Users with @tecnun or @ceit account must also change the password through the account manager. The system will update the new password on all your University accounts.

After changing your password, you must update it in all applications or devices where you have stored your old password. You can follow the instructions explained in the guide changing passwords.

test to use a password manager. This is a software that allows you to store the passwords you use, so that you can remember them when you go to log in to different services both on your computer and on other devices where you have it installed.

If it is a personal account, your centre or service will provide it for you.
If you need a generic account, process your registration request through a ticket, as explained in Accounts and passwords.

No, but your default email address is now your UNAV email address. In addition, your password will have changed and is now unified both in your alumni email and in your UNAV, Tecnun, Ceit or External email.
Go to http://correo.unav.es/ to access your UNAV email or http://mail.alumni.unav.es/ to access your alumni email. If you enter from gmail, to enter your alumni email you must enter your full address Username@alumni.unav.es.

You can generate your University signature using the signatureGenerator.
Enter your details and you will be shown the signature and instructions on how to add it to your email client.


Internet, wifi and VPN

If you are student, teacher or employee you can connect to eduroam by following these instructions instructions. If you do not have eduroam credentials, you will have to connect to the unav-guest network . After registering on the unav-guest network, you will receive an SMS on your mobile phone.
If, despite the instructions, you are still unable to connect, go to one of the information points where they will be able to help you with your device.

The VPN works from networks external to the UNAV and from the eduroam wifi only if your profile is PDI or PAS. If so, check the configuration parametersIf so, make sure that you are accessing with @unav or @alumni.unav.es and, especially, that the port used in the connection is the correct one. This last aspect usually causes problems as it is different from the default value suggested by the programme.

The personal computers of employees are equipped with limited support within the University. However, it is possible to connect to the wired network. Please open a support ticket ticket with your request, the MAC address of your computer and the network socket number you want to connect to.

You may need to update the driver for the wifi device on your computer. With the renovation of the access points in some University buildings, computers that have been without update drivers for years are not able to discover them and take advantage of their full capabilities.

The University of Navarra is part of the eduroam (education roaming) initiative. This initiative aims to provide mobility wifi service for the academic and research community. Eduroam is worldwide, and allows students, faculty and staff of participating institutions to have Internet connectivity with the credentials of their institution, both in their own campus and when they are on the campus of other institutions belonging to eduroam. To learn more about this initiative and to find out about the participating institutions, please visit the official website at www.eduroam.es


Computer equipment

IT Services carries out an annual computer refurbishment project , enquiry . procedure established.

It is not possible to install software on corporate PCs without the authorisation of IT Services and the corresponding licence. However, IT Services makes available to users the Software Centrefrom where you can install software without using administrator credentials.

The copy center service offers a total of 23 self-service machines at the various campus where you can print, photocopy or scan using the Papercut print software management .
You can register for the service and find out about the various possibilities for sending jobs at the following link.

The University provides its students with computer rooms for their use. However, if you would like to buy a personal computer, you can consult the IT Services recommendations about suitable equipment.

You can see the information about the computer rooms on this page. page and also consult the opening hours.

Requests for the purchase of equipment, software or peripherals follow this validation process. procedure validation process.
If the product is not available on portal , IT Services will request a matching budget .

You can apply for at reception in the building for the cable needed to connect your computer to the projector at classroom.
If you want to use Meet and the public address system of classroom, we recommend starting Meet from the PC at classroom. Then join meeting as an attendee with your laptop. After that, share your laptop screen with the Meet session.

In the month of April, IT Services enquiry will be contacting schools for special teaching software needs. If you have any special needs, please request them via a support ticket.
You can also consult the software installed in the rooms.