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Conditions of Use

The following sections inform users of the Terms and Conditions of Use applicable, depending on their relationship with the University of Navarra, for access to and use of the University's computing resources.

We recommend that you locate your appropriate section, and carefully read the information it contains. If you have any questions about the content of the Terms of Use or their application internship, please contact IT Services.

Aplicaciones anidadas


Roles and obligations of employees at subject on security and protection of personal information and data .

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Protection of data personal. Use of internet, e-mail and computer equipment. Removable devices. Cloud storage. management of passwords. management of paper documents. Notification of incidents...


Conditions of use
applicable to
visitors and emeriti

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General conditions for the use of resources. Registration of accesses. Electronic mail. Storage and collaborative tools in the cloud. network wifi. Internet. speech of incidences...

Aplicaciones anidadas


Conditions of use
applicable to students

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Commitment of student. Access log. E-mail. Cloud resources. network wifi. Internet. speech for incidents.


Security clauses
applicable to contractors

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requirements mandatory for contractors who provide the University of Navarra with services that require the use of or access to computer resources.