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The University offers in its facilities a set of audiovisual media available for the teaching and the daily work .
IT Services is in charge of its management, installation, maintenance and update, as well as advising on new needs.

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The University has more than 230 classrooms at teaching perfectly equipped with the best computer and audiovisual resources for a quality educational experience.

If you have a problem at classroom, you can call issue emergency phone extension 899720, or toll free 900 101 735.

If you need more information about the available classrooms visit area of management of spaces.

Meeting rooms are collaborative spaces where you can find audiovisual tools for the best experience at work at group, regardless of the location of the participants at meeting.

IT Services periodically reviews these rooms to check their operation, adapt the installed software to the needs of the users, and evaluate new requests for improvement.

The rooms have simple instructions for use. You can report any incident through a support ticket.

IT Services has installed more than 200 square metres of digital screens in recent years. These screens are used in the welcome areas and information points of the university buildings.

The management of screen contents is carried out from the secretariats of the centres. IT Services provides support for training, equipment monitoring, and management for incidents.