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Collaborative tools

Aplicaciones anidadas

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New ways of working have triggered the need to use digital tools that facilitate the simultaneous sharing and editing of information, as well as remote contact between people in the same team.




The University of Navarra, in collaboration with Google, offers a special version of Google applications for the university community.
These are the most used of those available in Google Workspace

Aplicaciones anidadas


Email: Gmail

With Gmail, you can send and search messages, organise your entrance inbox, and communicate with others using an integrated chat and video call service.
What can I do with Gmail? Create your corporate signature
Add your signature to Gmail


diary: Calendar

Manage your time with calendars designed for teamwork. Here see what you can do with Calendar.
Share your calendar securely
See your team's availability
sample the schedule at work


Documentation: Drive

Keep all your work in one safe place with online file storage. Here see what you can do with Drive.
Start using Spreadsheets
What is a shared drive?
Write reports in group



The goal of a mailing list is to transmit a piece of information or permission to several users at once, rather than repeating the process for each user.

Aplicaciones anidadas


contact groups and groups

Create a group from contact in your email so you can send an email to several people at once. You can also apply for the creation of a group via a support ticket.
contact groups and groups can be used in any Google application (send emails, share documents, invite to a Calendar event...).
For more information enquiry the documentation for groups of contact and groups.


Massive lists of users

For corporate mailings, IT Services offers a professional tool mailing list with advanced functionalities such as moderation or subscriber automation. 

If your work at the University means that you send subject mailings, you can apply for to join a mailing list, by sending a support ticket.



Videoconferencing applications are one of the most demanded types of software in our time. The goal is obvious: to meet the new needs of digital communication.

Aplicaciones anidadas


Google Meet

With your University account you can create video conferences with up to 100 participants, where you can project your screen and share a presentation.
You don't need to install anything, from the web or mobile app and integrated with Gmail and Calendar to make it easy to organise your meetings.
visit the learning centre Meet to get started as soon as possible.



A Webinar is a subject of lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Internet.
The main characteristic is that they are given in real time, favoring interactivity between the participants and the speaker.
If you need to organize a lecture or seminar webinar of these characteristics, please contact contact with the Event Management Office.