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IT Services offers its services based on Information and Communication Technologies to the University for its teaching and research work at campus in Pamplona, San Sebastian and Madrid. Its main tasks are:
- Develop and maintain applications.
- Ensuring the security of the University's information.
- Managing and maintaining equipment.
- Maintain infrastructures, communications and data storage.
- Support and financial aid to users.


Who we are


Jesús Redrado Redrado


Ext. 803144

Delia Echarte Salinas

Deputy Director

Ext. 802796


Jorge Ibáñez

Deputy Director of Technology and Operations

Ext. 802020

Enrique Reina

Deputy Director of IT Compliance & Data Governance

Ext. 803983

Management Assistance

Mirian Cumba


Ext. 802273

attendance Technology and Solutions Center

Rafael de Miguel


Ext. 802499

Daniel Fernández

Technical Manager

Ext. 842555

Laura Ibarbuen

Technical Manager

Ext. 803158

Manuel Rodriguez

Technical Manager

Ext. 842551

Francisco Sáez

Technical Manager

Ext. 842562

Sergio Villanueva

Technical Manager

Ext. 802092

Innovation and Enterprise Architecture

Lucía de la Iglesia


Ext. 802907

Demand and Applications

Usoa Gómez


Ext. 802884

Ricardo José García

Software engineering

Ext. 802091

Agustín Almansa

Group Manager

Ext. 803129

Guillermo Tulio Andrés

Group Manager

Ext. 802522

Fernando Andueza

Group Manager

Ext. 802252

Imanol Apaolaza

Group Manager

Ext. 802810

Iñaki Busto

Group Manager

Ext. 842464

Juan Antonio Guerrero

Group Manager

Ext. 803254

Miren Honorato

Group Manager

Ext. 802103

Alberto Larripa

Group Manager

Ext. 803212

Mayte Navarro

Group Manager

Ext. 842288

Flor Núñez

Group Manager

Ext. 803127

Preetha Roseline Peter

Group Manager

Ext. 802753

Jesús Requena

Group Manager

Ext. 805703

Sonia Romero

Group Manager

Ext. 842528

Alberto Ugarte

Group Manager

Ext. 802448


Loitzun Acuña

Technical Manager

Ext. 802845

Carlos Ajona

Technical Manager

Ext. 802956

Imanol Delgado

Technical Manager

Ext. 842552

Aniceto Goñi

Technical Manager

Ext. 803131

Miguel Martinez de Espronceda

Technical Manager

Ext. 803156

Óscar Remírez de Ganuza

Technical Manager

Ext. 803130

Iñaki Sánchez

Technical Manager

Ext. 802106