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Accounts and passwords

In this section you can apply for your University of Navarra computer credentials and manage your services, change your access password, etc.

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Account Registration Request

Students ( The account registration is done automatically at the moment of enrollment , so students do not have to do any application. The data of your credentials (Username of the account and password) are indicated in the form of enrollment. If you are student, and you don't know your account or password, go to a Information pointand we will help you.

Employees ( The People Management Service is in charge of apply for the registration of employee accounts. If you are employee and do not know your account, go to this service. If you do not know your password, please contact contact with IT Services on extension 802992.

Guest Professors, Guests ( The General Manager of the responsible centre, should send a registration request completed application form to IT Services via a support ticket.

The person responsible for the department or service must send a registration request completed form to IT Services, by means of a support ticket. The proposed alias should identify the function or service to be provided by the account.

Visitors: ( The manager of department or service should apply for the registration of the person to the Security Service. Afterwards, he/she must send a application registration completed account registration form to IT Services, through a support ticket.


My Account

From the application My Account you will be able to:

  • Modify the data of your computer account.

  • Modify your phone extension information or department.

  • Change your password.

  • Add your mobile to be able to retrieve your password in case you forget it, as well as for other digital authentication purposes.

One Username and password for all services

Use the same Username and password to access all the services and applications of the University, in all its campus.
Remember also that your password is the same for all your accounts (alumni, unav, tecnun...), and if you change it, it will be changed for all your accounts.

If you need financial aid you can consult the section Accounts and passwords on the page of Frequently Asked Questions. For any further questions or additional enquiry you can contact contact with IT Services by generating a support ticketor via extension 802992.


MFA System

The two-step authentication (MFA), is a system that provides a high level of security to our University accounts. Once activated, after entering our Username and password, the system will ask for a second authentication method. In some cases it will be to enter a numerical code (PIN), and in others approve the connection from a PC or mobile application.

With this system we achieve that if an attacker takes over our password, he will not be able to access our data because he will not be able to validate the connection from the application.

You can learn more about this system by using the Guides at financial aid:

From IT Services we will never ask for your password. Have you checked lately our security tips?