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Tired of forgetting or repeating your passwords?

The security of our dataand those of the entities in which we participate is based on a set of good practices, among which managementof passwords plays a fundamental role.

The main recommendation when it comes to generating secure passwords is not to repeat the same ones for different services. As it would be almost impossible to remember all the passwords we need nowadays, there are applications that do it for you.

A password manager is software that allows you to store the passwords you use, so that you can remember them when you go to log in to different services both on your computer and on other devices where you have it installed.

We have a wide variety of apps available, which can be paid or free, and are often available for different platforms and devices. In addition to storing your passwords, some of them also help you manage them, show alerts when you have weak passwords, and even sync in the cloud so you can use the same passwords on multiple devices.

Although the paid versions are more convenient and complete, there are free versions such as Keepass or Bitwarden, which will help you to organise your passwords, improving security and avoiding memorising complex combinations.