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Specialisation diplomas

The School of Canon Law offers three diplomas of specialization in the field of Canon Marriage Law. These are degrees of the University of Navarra, which are aimed at people from any country, especially those who collaborate with the ecclesiastical courts or work in counseling for marriages and families. It intends to transmit in brief a clear and deep knowledge of the attention and accompaniment in the crisis of marital cohabitation and -when it is not enough- of the judicial process, so that it can be an effective means in the protection of the right of the faithful to a just resolution, as Pope Francis insistently reminds us.

Three different diplomas are presented: the Diploma of specialization in Marriage Law and Canon Procedural Law; the Diploma of specialization in Mediation and Conflict Prevention and the Diploma of specialization in Canon Jurisprudence and Procedural Praxis (taking for granted the substantive marriage law). Although the three diplomas have some common subjects, each of them is completely independent.

It includes subjects of a fundamental nature, together with others of a more immediately practical or technical nature. The aim is to prevent and help to resolve complicated circumstances in the field of marriage, and to find a correct legal grade of marital situations. At the same time, the aim is to help develop practical skills for the application of justice (and for the corresponding pastoral accompaniment), in each concrete case and without delay. 

The Diploma takes place every year, from January to June. In principle, it is carried out in two years, dividing the subjects (3 and 3), to facilitate the academic load. apply for However, if any student wishes to take the entire diploma in a single year, from February 15 to March 15, an extension of enrollment for the three subjects planned for the second year could be made from February 15 to March 15.

Aplicaciones anidadas

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Characteristics and objectives

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Subjects and academic staff

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Certification and diploma

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For Admissions Office it is required to have programs of study at Civil Law or Canon Law or to be working (or to have worked) in ecclesiastical courts or in matters related to matrimonial causes: judges, defenders of the bond, notaries, chancellors, lawyers, advisors, counsellors and mediators, psychiatrists, those responsible for family pastoral care, institutions or organisations working with the family, etc.


Candidates should send the following documents by e-mail to administrative office at Diploma:

> Academic certification of the programs of study courses taken.
> Copy
of the National Identity Card (National Identity Card) or Passport.
> Photograph.

> After having been admitted
: certificate of the payment of the registration fee.

In the Diplomas of specialization only identical subjects of parallel programs are validated (for example, if after having taken a specific diploma , you wish to take another one that also contains the same subject, program and professor).

The enrollment is done in parts according to the number of credits enrolled.

The price of each subject is calculated at €75.40/.ECTS credit

> fees academic: full program (30 ECTS credit: 2.262€).
fees of administrative office: 25€.
Expedition of degree scroll: 90€.

Once admitted, the enrollment can be paid by the following methods: 

> Payment with card from credit .
> Payment by bank transfer
: If this method of payment is preferred, it can be made to the following current account held by the University of Navarra:

La Caixa / CaixaBank

ES 80 2100.2173.86.0200492749


Banco Santander

EN 40 0049.1821.09.2210657574

(place del Castillo, 39, main office in Pamplona).

When formalising the enrollment , proof of the transfer previously made must be presented; without the student sending the certificate to the secretary's office, the enrollment will not be considered formalised.

To go to Admissions Office please fill out the form. Once you have completed and sent the documentation we will confirm your Admissions Office.

> END OF deadline FOR apply for THE Admissions Office:
1 December 2022.
> END OF deadline TO FORMALISE enrollment, ONCE ADMITTED:
15 December 2022.


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