Characteristics of the programmes of specialization in Canonical Matrimonial Law

> modality: online.
> Places: 25.
> Programs: 3 (independent).
> Subjects: 6 in each program.
> Duration: two years (3 subjects + 3 subjects).
> Credits: 30 ECTS credit each Program (1 ECTS credit = 25 hours of work).
> Date: Diploma runs from January 15 to June 15 every year.
> deadline of registration: until December 15.

In principle, the Diploma is carried out in two years, dividing the subjects (3 and 3), to facilitate the academic load. However, if any student wishes to take the entire diploma in a single year, between February 15 and March 15, he/she can apply for an extension of enrollment for the three subjects planned in the second year.

In the form of the application of Admissions Office it is necessary to indicate the diploma chosen; in each one of them it is specified which subjects must be carried out in each one of them.


With these diplomas it is proposed:

>To improve the professional preparation of the participants, reconciling family pastoral care and the law applied by the justice system.
>To deepen the anthropological and legal dimension of marriage.
> To know and adequately apply the new norms of Pope Francis to purpose of marriage processes, both in the substantive aspect of the norms and in the area of procedural praxis.

All this with the facilities of an online course, without any classroom requirements and the possibility for the student to have a flexible work rhythm. 


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