Aplicaciones anidadas


The professor and research activity carried out by the lecturers of the School in Economics is structured around two Departments around which the different subjects and projects of research carried out by the lecturers are articulated.

This is department of Economics and the department of business.

Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


department of Economy



2. To familiarise students with the main techniques for analysing problems and data.

3. To develop in students a capacity for analysis and critical reasoning, as well as various skills and attitudes that result in genuine personal and professional training.

2. Participation in conferences. The lecturers at department regularly attend scientific congresses in their areas of specialisation. The aim is to improve the quality of their research by means of a constant exchange with the rest of the scientific community.

3. Research groups. Several research groups have been set up in fields ranging from the Philosophy of Economics to Macrofinance and Industrial Organisation. These groups, and others that may be set up in the future, are made up of professors from department and other centres. Their raison d'être is none other than the growing network character of activity and knowledge that scientific research is acquiring.



Aplicaciones anidadas





2. promote the active participation of students in their training, awakening their interest in current issues of international relevance, with the organisation of international meetings, congresses, workshops, participation in Chairs and research projects.

3. Facilitate the contact of students with new technologies and improve the ability to work in these environments.

2. Participate in research groups of international prestige.

3. Publish scientific research in the world's best journals.