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Summer programme credit validation

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credit validation for tex summer programmes

Most of the summer courses organised by the University of Navarra's School of Economics and Business Studies allow for validate qualification credits.

  1. Fill in the form Summer Courses of Interest

  2. We will then contact you and inform you about the issue credits that you can get to validate qualification at the UNAV.

  3. If you are at agreement and you are still interested in the selected course you will have to do the application to the summer course yourself.

  4. Once the course has finished, the student must enrol in the corresponding subject elective subject according to the issue of credits to be recognised for the course. The subjects in which the student should be register are:

    • "Summer International Business Experience I"; if the course taken recognises 1.5 credits.

    • "Summer International Business Experience II"; if the course taken recognises 3 credits.

    • "Summer International Business Experience III"; if the course taken recognises 6 credits.

  5. You should send an e-mail to written request at management Academic attaching the documentation that certifies your participation in it.

  6. The grade of the subject elective subject will be the grade average of the transcript of the student at the time of registration.

For more information about the credit validation for summer programmes, please contact student . Office of Student Affairs.



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