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Diez razones para estudiar Global Applied Management


The University of Navarra is the only Spanish centre educational that offers an official Degree in Applied Management. Since 1963, ISSA School of Applied Management has been a benchmark in the business world.



training in four major areas of study:

  • Management of business and Organisations.
  • Communication and Languages.
  • Digital Management Tools.
  • Core Curriculum.

Learning by Doing. training through a project-based methodology professor . Theoretical and practical learning based on the competencies required by companies: self-knowledge, effort capacity, communication, management of conflicts, management of time, initiative, decision making, work in team, etc.

The Degree in Applied Management is bilingual (Spanish and English) and all students study or improve at least a third language along the degree program.

In addition to sharing classroom with 30% of international students, throughout the degree program, the students of the Degree in Applied Management make two mandatory international stays, first in Boston (USA) and in the third, depending on the language studied, in Paris (France) or Cologne (Germany).

Students also have the opportunity to do internships in international companies and to carry out academic exchanges with more than 50 universities in Europe, the USA and Canada, among other destinations

Through an academic exchange and the completion of the Final Project Degree (TFG), students can specialise and fill in one of the following diplomas:

  1. Diploma in Logistics Management / Logistics Management.
  2. Diploma in Human Resources Management / Human Resources Management.
  3. Diploma in Event Management / Event Management.
  4. Diploma in Fashion Business Management / Fashion Business Management.
  5. Diploma in Sports Management.
  6. Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Services.

Those who do not complete the academic exchange may obtain a Diploma Internship in Process Management / Internship in Process Managementmanagement by completing a curricular internship in national or international companies and the TFG.

Cultivated over decades, the close relationship maintained with companies in various sectors results in job opportunities for students and alumni. Every year, a average of five employment offers per student are managed; in addition, ISSA School of Applied Management graduates have at their disposal, by virtue of being a former student of ISSA, an job listings for life.

In addition to job opportunities, during the degree program, students have the possibility of carrying out curricular and extracurricular internships

From the academic year 2022/2023, every semester of the degree program differentconference Sectorial are organized so that students can know in first person, and from the hand of renowned professionals, the internship and real dimension of different sectors related to the Degree in management Applied - Applied Management.

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Mentored from the first year by a professor, students work on their profile staff and professional development. They do this through personalized counseling sessions where they create and develop their staff brand throughout the four years.

The objectives of this programme are:

  • Year 1: # Detecting the abilities of student and their motivations, as well as teaching them to organise their studies. 
  • 2nd Course # Strengthening the Brand staff with a detailed analysis of the Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths and Opportunities of each one. 
  • 3rd Course # Analyse the online and offline presence of that brand.
  • 4th Course # Learn how to position your brand staff.


At ISSA School of Applied Management we train students who not only seek to acquire knowledge, but also take on the challenge of improving their profession wherever they work. This is, precisely, a hallmark of the University of Navarra: accompanying our students in their development staff , academic and professional development in order to help improve society as a whole.

To achieve this, from the first day of classes the student has a Mentor who accompanies him/her throughout the whole degree program. Counselling has its own characteristics that differentiate it from other possible teacher-student relationships:

  • staff committee and guidance is provided on an individual basis. It is offered to all students, also to those who are only at the University for a limited period, such as exchange or postgraduate program.
  • Voluntary, and therefore not assessable and not part of the academic curriculum . This distinguishes it from other teaching activities such as tutorials, which may be assessable and compulsory, and which take place on the framework of a subject.
  • University: it does not replace initiative and responsibility, but helps to encourage them. Moreover, counselling helps to discover other horizons beyond the strictly academic ones: cultural life, sport or solidarity.

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Globalisation, digital transformation, social change and the constant implementation of new technologies and business management systems are some of the characteristics that describe the current employment landscape.

Aware of the challenges and opportunities that arise from this reality, at ISSA School of Applied Management we prepare our students with a versatile and polyvalentprofile highly demanded in the professional market.

University Life is one of the great attractions of the University of Navarra. During their stay in Pamplona, students can enjoy a wide range of activities designed to fill in their formative stage: sports, volunteer activities projects, conferences, exhibitions and concerts, choir and orchestra, Cultural Activities Office...

The Campus The University of Navarra 's Pamplona campus has become the epicentre of university life. Here, students from all Schools and centres interact and share their concerns, learning and experiences.

The Degree in Applied Management is taught at campus of the University of Navarra in Pamplona. The campus has an area of 113 hectares, 40% of which is mottled green with more than 3,800 trees:

Although in the international context it is common to find Degrees university programs specialized in management Business and Languages, the Degree in management Applied - Bachelor in Applied Management offered by the University of Navarra is unique in Spain. The program is recognized by the National Agency for Assessment of Quality and Accreditation and allows students, once they have completed the degree program, to take any official Master's Degree , postgraduate program or civil service examination.

In a globalised world, university rankings are toolthat provide interesting information about institutions and allow them to be compared with each other. Recurrently, both the University of Navarra as a whole and ISSA School of Applied Management in particular appear in prominent positions, both nationally and internationally.

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Aplicaciones anidadas


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