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What is Core Curriculum?


The Core Curriculum is the set of transversal subjects included in all the Degrees of the University of Navarra. The aim is to offer a humanist Education , to foster a spirit of solidarity, and to develop the critical capacity to freely form one's own convictions.

There are 18 credits of the following subjects:

  • 1st course: Anthropology (subject annual of 6 credits)

  • 2nd year: Ethics (subject annual 6 credits)

  • 2nd, 3rd and 4th year: Cultural Keys (6 credits) 2 subjects of 3 credits to be chosen among those offered by each centre for its students.


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Core Curriculum 2023-24


The subjects of Core Curriculum , on the one hand, raise the great questions of human existence and, on the other, offer an intellectual framework that facilitates the integration of the different specialised knowledge acquired by student in their degree. These may be subjects in ethics, anthropology, art, history, theology, literature...

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How is it
how is it done?


  • The ordinary way: following the usual methodology at the University, which combines lectures with other teaching resources.

  • The pathway Interfaculty or Great Books Programme of the University of Navarra: consists of taking the 18 credits of the subjects of the Core Curriculum with students from other Schools and with a methodology based on discussion and colloquium based on the reading of Great Books of thought, literature and history. Students learn to write and present argumentative essays. From the experience of other universities, this is a very appropriate way of achieving the objectives of Core Curriculum.

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Nested applications



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