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The works presented here come from professors at high school or from authors already considered classics, and deal - in accordance with the objectives of high school- with anthropological and ethical issues as well as with the identity and mission statement of the University, and with the dialogue between culture and Christianity. The high school has its own publications, the fruit of the research of its professors, or as result of the activities organised by it, in order to disseminate texts of special interest, in which the high school acknowledges its inspiration.

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The high school publishes texts on Anthropology, Ethics and on the Identity of the University in the following collections of Ediciones Universidad de Navarra, S.A. (EUNSA).

"Astrolabe Anthropology and Ethics".

"Astrolabe Education"

"Astrolabe The Idea of the University".

The works published here come from professors of high school or from authors already considered classics, and deal - in accordance with the objectives of high school- with anthropological and ethical themes as well as with the university training integrated in the framework and anthropological core, open also to the Christian vision and to theological science itself.

Naturally, the high school is enriched by the publications of its professors in the other collections of the same publishing house or other collections.

conference proceedings of the International Symposia "Christian Faith and Contemporary Culture":

purpose With the aim of encouraging reflection and dialogue between Christian faith and contemporary science and culture, high school Core Curriculum organises occasional international symposia.

The conference proceedings of these Symposia - which include a valuable collection of papers and communications - have been published in EUNSA, and can also be consulted online in the Digital Academic Digital Repository of the University of Navarra (DADUN).

  • I Symposium: Faith and Reason, 17-18 May 1999; EUNSA, Pamplona, 1999, 530 pp. - (Index) (download-DADUN)

  • II Symposium: Understanding Religion, 15-16 May 2000; EUNSA, Pamplona, 2001, 466 pp. - (Index) (download-DADUN)

  • III Symposium: Christian Idea of Man, 22-23 October 2001; EUNSA, Pamplona, 2002, 447 pp. - (Index) (download-DADUN)

  • IV Symposium: work y espíritu, 9-10 December 2002; EUNSA, Pamplona, 2004, 436 pp. - (Index) (download-DADUN)

  • V Simposio: Cristianismo en una cultura postsecular, 9-10 December 2003; EUNSA, Pamplona, 2005, 517 pp. - (Index) (download-DADUN)

  • VI Symposium: Ethics without religion?, 24-25 October 2005; EUNSA, Pamplona, 2007, 521 pp. - (Index) (download-DADUN)

These publications are short, academic texts, reflecting the inspiration and mission statement that drives high school.

Sometimes they deal with general anthropological and ethical themes; other times they shed light from this knowledge - and with the contribution of the Christian perspective - on different themes belonging to more specific disciplines (experimental sciences, law, Economics, etc.).

All these documents can be downloaded from this website in PDF format. In addition, some of them have also been disseminated within the University of Navarra as printed brochures.


  • 1. Speeches to the University (Regensburg, Rome, New York)Benedict XVI - (PDF)

  • 2. The philosophical and cultural context of the Declaration. " Dominus Iesus" , Leonardo Rodríguez Duplá - (PDF)

  • 3. Can the Philosophy be Christian?by Juan Miguel Palacios - (PDF)

  • 4. The practical distancing from God as a new mass phenomenon , Leonardo Rodríguez Duplá - (PDF)

  • 5. Overcoming scientism: a challenge for the Christian scientist , Sergio Sánchez-Migallón - (PDF)

  • 6. Addresses to scientists and academics , Benedict XVI - (PDF); 6e. Speeches to Scientists and Academicians, Benedict XVI - (PDF)

  • 7. Interaction between theology and Philosophy (Fides et ratio, VI) , John Paul II - (PDF)

  • 8. The vindication of human reason in the enc. Fides et ratio , Leonardo Rodríguez Duplá - (PDF)

  • 9. The three explanations for the origin and evolution of the universe , Juan Luis Lorda - (PDF)

  • 10. meeting con Dios y ética cristiana, Leonardo Rodríguez Duplá - (PDF)

  • Christian ethics and rational ethics , Leonardo Rodríguez Duplá - (PDF)

  • 12. Religion and Political Life; Religious Liberty and Peace (London, Rome) , Benedict XVI - (PDF)

  • 13. On the Christian meaning of freedom , Leonardo Rodríguez Duplá - (PDF)

  • 14. John Henry Newman, today , Víctor García Ruiz, José Morales, Alejandro Llano - (PDF)

  • 15. Search for God, culture of the word and Christian Education (Paris, London) , Benedict XVI - (PDF)

  • 16. Meetings with the University Community (Rome and El Escorial) , Benedict XVI - (PDF)

  • 17. The identity of the university institution , Ana Marta González - (PDF)

  • 18. Don and development, instructions de la Economics, Miguel Alfonso Martínez-Echevarría - (PDF)

  • 19. Human Rights and Natural Law (UN-New York, Berlin) , Benedict XVI - (PDF)

  • 20. La Universidad en la vida y en la teaching de Mons. Escrivá de Balaguer, José Luis Illanes - (PDF)

  • 21. Speeches at European meetings of university professors , Benedict XVI - (PDF)

  • 22. Theology and Science in a Christian vision of the University , José Luis Illanes - (PDF)

  • 23. Reason and faith,civil service examination or partnership? , Lluís Clavell - (PDF)

  • 24. University and unity of life according to Saint Josemaría Escrivá , Alejandro Llano - (PDF)

  • 25. The place of Theology in the University , Leonardo Rodríguez Duplá - (PDF)

  • 26. The Catholic proposal of the "cultural laboratories" for a new vision of faith and culture , Rino Fisichella - (PDF)

  • 27. Ontological analysis of faith , Manuel García Morente - (PDF)

  • 28. The significance of Christianity in our current context , Miguel García-Baró - (PDF)

  • 29. Christian morality and human development , Martin Rhonheimer - (PDF)

  • 30. Some Sermons on Faith , John Henry Newman - (PDF)

  • 31. Writings on journalistic ethics and deontology , Leonardo Rodríguez Duplá - (PDF)

  • 32. What is man? (once again). A theological approach to Anthropology , Juan Luis Lorda - (PDF)

  • 33. The experience of the Philosophy from the perspective of faith , Miguel García-Baró - (PDF)

  • 34. The University in the thought and apostolic action of Bishop Josemaría EscriváBishop Alvaro del Portillo - (PDF)


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