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Identity of the University


The university institution was born in Europe between the 12th and 13th centuries as a community of professors and students in search of truth, with a universal vision of knowledge, in a climate of freedom. Throughout history, the university has undergone many transformations, but its core identity remains in the universities that cultivate it.

Part of the mission of the Institute Core Curriculum is to promote among the professors, students and employees of the University of Navarra a culture of reflection on the identity of the University. To consider what the University is and how to face the challenges of the future while remaining faithful to what is most constitutive of it.

To this end , the Institute promotes environments for reflection (seminars, conferences and publications) on the identity and mission of the University, its social function, the search for truth and the multidisciplinarity, the training of students, research, etc.

Aplicaciones anidadas


Publications on the identity of the University



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