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The role of the Commission is to collaborate with management committee in the promotion and development of Core Curriculum.

Ricardo Piñero

Director of the Institute Core Curriculum

coordinator of the Commission

Julia Pavón Benito

Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences


Gregorio Guitián Crespo

Dean of the School of Theology


Silvia Salcedo Arrondo

General Manager of the Institute Core Curriculum

administrative assistant of the Commission


Luis E. Echarte Alonso

Senior Associate Professor of Humanities and Medical Ethics. School of Medicine


Javier García Manglano

Sociologist. IP of "Youth in transition", Institute for Culture and Society


Miriam Latorre Izquierdo

General Manager of the School of Science


José Ignacio Murillo Gómez

Full Professor of Philosophy / IP of project "Mind-Brain". Institute for Culture and Society-ICS


Miguel Pérez de Laborda Delclaux

Professor of Anthropology / Full Professor of Metaphysics (PUSC)


Javier Sánchez Cañizares

Professor de Filosofía / Director of the group de Investigación Ciencia, Razón y Fe (CRYF)


Álvaro Sánchez-Ostiz Gutiérrez

Full Professor from Philology


Eduardo Terrasa Messuti

Senior Chaplain of the University - Professor of Anthropology


Rosalía Baena Molina

Professor of English Philology