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IX Lesson "The aims of the Education"

The Lesson "The aims of the Education" is an annual lecture , organized by the Institute, to reflect on the mission statement of the university and the current challenges of the Education higher education. It also serves as the opening ceremony for the students and professors of pathway Interfaculty of Core Curriculum.


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José María Torralba is Full Professor of Philosophy Moral and Politics at the University of Navarra and director of the Centro Humanismo Cívico for programs of study on the character and ethics of the professions, at Institute for Culture and Society.

He has been director of the Institute Core Curriculum (2013-2022). He was a visiting researcher at the universities of Chicago (2010-2012) and Leipzig (2016). He coordinates the group of research "Ethics, Character, and Human Action." He is the author of two monographs on the Philosophy internship of Kant and Anscombe, as well as articles on ethics and action theory, Education humanist and the mission statement of universities. He is a member of the board board of directors of the Association for Core Texts and Courses and of committee publishing house of International Studies in Catholic Education. He advises universities in several countries on their humanistic Education programs. He has published A liberal Education . In Praise of Great Books (meeting, 2022). Among others, he has been co-editor of Theories of Action and Morality. Perspectives from Philosophy and Social Sciences (Olms, 2016), Literature and Character Education in Universities. Theory, Method, and Text Analysis (Routledge, 2021) and Ways of Being Bound: Perspectives from post-Kantian Philosophy and Relational Sociology (Springer, 2022).

He has been the driving force behind the Great Books Program at the University of Navarra.




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