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03 | 04 | 2020

Solidarity, civic-mindedness and generosity: the West's keys to recovery in the aftermath of the Covid-19 crisis

TextoNatalia Rouzaut

ImagenManuel Castells


02 | 04 | 2020

#ReframeCovid: an initiative to move away from the linguistic framework war about the coronavirus to a more cohesive one.

TextoIsabel Solana

ImagenElena Beltrán


01 | 04 | 2020

"To prevent fake news from going viral, you have to monitor it to detect when it starts to grow exponentially."

TextoIsabel Solana

ImagenManuel Castells


30 | 03 | 2020

ICS researchers launch survey on welfare and use of technology during quarantine

TextoIsabel Solana

ImagenNatalia Rouzaut


30 | 03 | 2020

The first publication of the ICS's Chair Álvaro d'Ors analyzes the connections between Christianity and global law.

TextoNatalia Rouzaut / Isabel Solana

ImagenManuel Castells and Cedida


27 | 03 | 2020

Let's give it up for the health workers: programs of study confirms that gratitude generates positive feelings and gives them energy and motivation.

TextoNatalia Rouzaut

ImagenMacarena Izquierdo


24 | 03 | 2020

The coronavirus pandemic, a before and after in the habits of contemporary humanity

TextoNatalia Rouzaut

ImagenBorja Centenera


23 | 03 | 2020

The political speech during the coronavirus pandemic: connecting with the citizen to build trust and adherence to rules

TextoIsabel Solana

ImagenIsabel Solana


20 | 03 | 2020

Researchers from Education and Psychology and ICS study how the coronavirus crisis affects personal beliefs.

TextoNatalia Rouzaut

ImagenManuel Castells


17 | 03 | 2020

Keeping a diary staff during quarantine: opening our inner world while the outside is closed

TextoNatalia Rouzaut




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