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Bonds and human development

Bonds and human development

Charro dance. 1950. ©José Ortiz Echagüe. VEGAP 2021.

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Technology, pandemics and urbanisation have fostered an isolated society, in the physical sense, where life is lived through a screen. When our links with the world are increasingly mediated by technology, it arises the question of what makes us truly human. Human beings are relational beings and need others to build their identity and develop as persons.

Our relationships with others shape us, especially the most intimate ones, such as family, friendships and relationships. Through them, they allow us to bring out the best and the worst in ourselves, depending on how they are managed. It is therefore urgent to promote healthy relationships that favour both personal and community growth.

Likewise, we must not forget our relationship with ourselves. Through our experiences we create a narrative about who we are. Knowing ourselves allows us to better manage our emotions and our actions, which also affects our attitude towards others. Thus, we set ourselves up as individuals capable of overcoming the different challenges and stages of life.



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