Young people and commitment: a question of confidence

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20 | 05 | 2022

Institute for Culture and Society


One of the most important challenges we all face in our lives is whether or not to form a family or which subject family to form. Having a good affective network is fundamental for a person to develop: it can give them a sense of confidence, support, and financial aid, undoubtedly, to feel that one's life is joyful.

The emotional bonds we form will play a decisive role in our lives: whether we get it right or wrong; and getting it right often seems a matter of good or bad luck. That is why starting a relationship is as exciting as it can be terrifying. 

Perhaps anxiety, the knowledge of the risks involved, is an important factor in postponing commitment. Trying to achieve that level of material security before embarking on a commitment may be a way to minimise the risks, to reduce that anxiety. The desire for security, for control of status, is a trait that, in reality, does not favour the training of commitments.

How do we build trust, and can we help young people to trust more?