Welcome letter

We live in an increasingly global, complex and changing world. The influence of technology, the coexistence of different cultures and traditions, the development unprecedented knowledge, the new trends in social Structures ... To face these challenges, universities play a decisive role as institutions genuinely dedicated to the search for Truth.

Aware of the possibilities offered by Humanities and the social sciences in the understanding of the world and the human being, the University of Navarra founded Institute for Culture and Society (ICS) in 2010. Its goal is to carry out an international, interdisciplinary, scientifically rigorous and socially impactful work of research that responds to the great challenges of human beings with universal proposals.

Throughout this decade, we have consolidated a team and a way of working based on collaboration (between disciplines, people and entities), the results of which benefit everyone and advance knowledge from the perspective of Christian humanism. Now, our main challenges are to continue advancing in this vision: dialogue between disciplines and social impact, understood as the confluence between the interest of researchers and the needs of citizens.

I invite you to get to know this research community and to collaborate in this project for a better future and a more humane society.


Jaime García del Barrio
Director of the Institute for Culture and Society